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Arlo Q still broken - please make a public statement

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Dear Arlo / Netgear,

Instead of deleting posts on social media and community forums where you are called out for breaking customers equipment for EIGHT WEEKS can you just ONCE have some integrity and post an explanation as to WHAT you did to break our systems EIGHT WEEKS ago. Perhaps an explanation as to what went wrong, an apology for leaving us with failed systems EIGHT WEEKS later and a firm commitment when it will be fixed. As you can see from other posts and replies the patch you rolled out last week on your cloud side did not fix it.

Looking forward to you deleting this post...or maybe you'll have the courage to do what is right and answer the questions above - but I doubt it. You have displayed no understanding of customer service so far. You have displayed no understanding of holding up your hand and saying "sorry, we screwed up and here's an apology".  Shame on all of you for how you do business.




They've ignored the problem, said it was "fixed" many times, and do their best to hide this issue.


Transparency and communication make a great company.  This has been a joke.  

Arlo Employee Retired

Hello all,


Thank you all for your patience as we work through this issue. We have been diligently working towards resolution of this issue. We did release a backend fix last week as JamesC mentioned, and it did resolve the issue for many users, however, it seems it did not resolve it for all. JamesC is, and will be reaching out to you via private message to gather more information in an effort to help us pinpoint where the disparity is between those that it was resolved for, and those that it was not. JamesC is using private message to protect you, our customer, as some of the information we may need from you is not information that we want you to post publicly (network configuration information, contact information, etc.). While JamesC is reaching out to you asking for more information and assistance, and we would love to have your help on this, it is not required. Gathering more data directly from those whom the fix did not help, will assist us in getting to the resolution more quickly. Your exact details of reproduction and configuration details gives us more accurate information to quickly reproduce the issue on our end, as there are many variables in these types of situations such as iOS or Android version, Arlo app version, browser brand and version, etc. So, if you would like to help, we greatly appreciate it, but it is not a requirement. For those of you that have been working with JamesC, thank you very much, your information has already helped us move closer to resolution. 


Regarding removing or deleting anyone's posts; We want you to post, provide feedback, and feel free to converse back and forth. We do, however, have to keep in mind the safety and enjoyment of all users that come to our community, as well as our employees. As such, we will delete portions of, or an entire post if it violates our Terms of Service. If you feel as though your post has been deleted in error, feel free to PM JamesC or myself to get more information as to why the post was deleted. 


Thank you all for being a part of the Arlo Community!


Dawn Marshall

Community Manager, Arlo



I understand your point of view but please keep in mind that after 2 months the issue is not solved.

Instead in the last period we encountered other issues ( video freezes, no iOS app alert received, Geofencing issue, 2 way audio issue etc...).

So as you can easily undertand our patience is over.

We can start to help your team but let me ask when do you think that the main clip lenght issue will be solved? 

And I don't think that the issue was solved for many users (false illusion) but this is just my opinion... 

Please let us know.