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Arlo Q Will Not Connect To WiFi Router

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friEdTechnology Tutor

I read the support articles in the thread created by another user who could not get his camera to reconnect. I tried all of the solutions posted there and all of the ones posted online. After messing with the stuff using my phone, following the directions, hearing the chime over and over then waiting and waiting only to hear the "disappointed" sound, I finally called support---where of course I was subjected to questions about whether I had done the most basic things even though I explained the extent to which I had tried to troubleshoot it. After going through all of that, the technician let me know the whole thing HAD TO BE DONE ON A COMPUTER. Are you kidding me?!?!? I did not see this anywhere in the instructions of ANY source I looked at. It worked the first time. It's SO FRUSTRATING when Netgear wastes hours of my time by not updating directions support clearly knows to be outdated. NETGEAR: PLEASE update your materials. The steps to re-add a camera that is not connection are as follows:


1. Remove the camera from your account---using a phone seems fine for this.

2. Use the process to add the camera back again. (If the QR code is not picking up, use your phone's accessibility features to zoom in on the code---on my phone, tapping the screen 4 times zooms the screen so that the Arlo camera can see it.---PS. Support people, this is NOT why you have to use a computer; my camera could always see that code once I zoomed in and I heard the chime over and over and over again, but it would never connect.)

3. If it doesn't work, reset the camera (paperclip in the reset hole for 10+ seconds).

4. If nothing you do works and you've been using your phone, TRY A COMPUTER or CHROMEBOOK. Don't have one and nothing you do works? BUY A DIFFERENT BRAND OF CAMERA because this one may REQUIRE a computer even though none of the documentation states that (at least that I could find). 

Model: VMC3040|Arlo-Q HD Security Camera with Audio
Guru jguerdat Guru

I've used a mobile device at various times with no issue. Can't explain why you were told it had to be on a computer.

friEdTechnology Tutor

I agree; I set everything up with my phone initially. A computer is not SUPPOSED to be required, but apparently if the phone won't work, that's a troubleshooting step that is not publicly documented by the company.

Model: VMC3040|Arlo-Q HD with Audio
mariaic Aspirant

I'm having the same problem.

What do you do with the computer? 

Physically connect the camera to it?

I have no idea.


friEdTechnology Tutor
Hi there. You don't have to physically connect the computer; just use the computer to do the setup instead of trying to use your phone. Go to the Arlo monitoring website and do the same steps there you have tried on your phone. Hope that helps! Also, if you are re-adding the camera, make sure to delete it from the system before trying to set it up again.
QueryString Aspirant
Hi, had a similar problem - and the solution was to remove / delete / forget my WiFi connection on my Android device. Reconnect and it worked.