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Arlo Q Videos In Library won't load for viewing in Internet 11, Windows 10

Badgeman Aspirant
We appreciate the update, however. Your development team seems unable to fix the problem. It shouldn't take 90+ days and counting. It works on Apple, it works on the IPAD, it works on the Android Cell, it works on the IPHONE.
pearsonchuck Tutor

Library viewing of videos has been fixes for Windows 10 and MS Edge as result of Nov 21 2018 frimware release. Had this problem since Aug 15 2018.  Only took Arlo until Nov 21 2018 to fix.

71zed Tutor

Thank you for the fix D-Link.  

SJohannsen Star

Confirmed here. Just checked when I got the e-mail about the post. Not sure what firmware you are talking about, camera, base? Don't recall any updates, and this was so clearly a backend issue. The clips were being recorded and wouid play in any other browser but Edge and IE. They would even play if you pasted in the clip's URL in Edge and IE. They weren't accessing the clips correctly when you clicked on them. Good news though, that it is fixed. About time. I was starting to research Blink cameras.

SJohannsen Star


@71zed wrote:

Thank you for the fix D-Link.  


Colin_P Aspirant

Arlo Pro library content is now playing fine with Microsoft Edge Browser.

Thank you for the fix.


jubei Guide

Wow, another major issue that took 3 months to resolve. Arlo software engineers needs to be replaced ASAP. Last time it was "Incorrect video length" which still happens now and then, that took over 3 months to resolve Some idiot told me to use Firefox or Chrome last time I spoke out about this Edge issue but hey Firefox and chrome are buggy as well, so is the Android and IOS apps(both iPad & iPhone). Edge was the least buggy for features I use on these devices. I'm so glad Edge is working again and I do thank the team that resolved this but I definitely ain't going to recommend your product to any of my clients anymore. I really think Arlo shouldn't be cloud dependable. It should have an option to save to SD Card only and we wouldn't have to wait 3 moths everytime these "on your server end issues" happens and it will keep happening. I'm testing 4 other brands of similar security cameras at the moment and Arlo you have the worst software support BUT your hardware by far is the best. What a waste of a great hardware. 

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Chris67 Apprentice

Hi JessicaP

The issue appears to have been fixed but no official update from Arlo. There has to be a change in culture at Arlo that puts customers first and keeps them fully informed and in the loop, otherwise sadly your products are going to remain on the shelves. Just look around the internet at the many references to appalling customer service provided by Arlo and Netgear which translates into poor product experience and loss of future sales.

JessicaP Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

With the latest release of Microsoft's OS Build 16299.785, this issue is now resolved. Make sure you are up-to-date using the latest version of Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11.

View solution in original post

MidnightRider Guide

This is a reply to my original post on 2018-08-17.

Arlo web library videos now play using Microsoft Edge, after the latest "Features" update of Windows 10 (Version 1809, Build 17763.168, installed 12/8/2018).

One twist:  Even though "Use Adobe Flash Player" is allowed under .../Settings/Advanced in Edge, when logging into Arlo, a banner comes up at top of the screen advising that Adobe Flash Player is required. Clicking "Allow Once" (the only option I see) pushes me back to the Arlo login page. After logging in again, videos in the Library work fine. This solution seems to only work for that login session.

So for now, with a "double login" things seem to work.

I still use Firefox for the Arlo website and it works as one might expect.

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NigelRH Tutor

I can now confirm that ALL my browsers (Opera v.56, Vivaldi, Brave, Chrome, IE and Edge) now play the Library video clips perfectly. Not sure when/how this happened but I do recall some hardware firmware updates coming through recently.