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Arlo Q 24 Hours Continuous Recording Purchase Glitch on Subscription Page

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Sreenadh Aspirant


There is this stupid gltich (or maybe done on purpose by Netgear) on the website and arlo account for subscriptions > Manage CVR > where if you uncheck or have to remove an Alro Q camera to readd it, you have to pay again to do it. For instance if I added an Arlo Q on Monday to have a 14 day CVR service but if i had a wifi issue or replaced my router and i have to readd my Arlo Q again to the same account, Netgear requires me to pay for the entire subscription again! They discount it based on the credit you had from the original purchase date but you end up paying again to start the renewal date on the date you added the Camera back.

This is absolutely ridiculous! If you have already purchased the CVR subscription and you are literally just adding the camera back on, why should you be required to start you subscription again from that date and pay for the difference from the original purchase to the current one. What if I don't want to extend my plan or subscription and what if i am just troubleshooting my camera? You support even says if the Arlo Q doesn't connect, to remove it and readd it on, but when you do that you are required to pay for the plan again. It ridiculous even if you get credited back the amount unused. 


This is also a problem if you accidentally uncheck the camera and want to check it again or add it again, you are required to pay. I don't know if this is a glitch or netgear just being malious and greedy but it needs to be fixed ASAP! It is morally wrong. I have 16 Arlo Camera and spent thousands on my system for cameras, batteries, solar panels, charging docks, and subscriptions, i shouldnt be penalized for something as ridiculous as this. I understand if i am trying to add a second camera but come on, adding the same camera requires payment also? Like smh!

Model: VMC3040 | Arlo-Q HD with Audio
JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager



If you remove the Arlo Q with CVR, after adding it back you should be able to reapply the same CVR subscription. After adding the camera back to your account navigate to Settings >Subscription > Manage Camera Status > Drag the Arlo Q back into the CVR slot.