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Hi there I have an existing arlo q connected to my wifi access point in my living room and decided to extend my arlo collection with another arlo q camera.

This second one refuses to connect to my wifi network (the same one the other is also connected to). This network I use there has an ssid and password with numbers in there and two special tokens.

After some digging in this community I saw that the arlo q has difficulty connecting to an ssid / password combination where 1 or both have numerical characters and or special tokens.

So next I took the arlo to another part of my home where my router is. Connected it to the guest network with a ssid and password that consists of just letters. And yes it connected fine. I updated the firmware as I read that might help.

Took it back to the living room and tried to change the network name and password to the one I use there (which the other camera is connected to).

Still no success the app simply does not find the camera. Any idea what is going on and how I can fix this. Is it really true that I need to change both the ssid and password to not contain special tokens and numbers? That seems ludicrous as the other arlo camera has been connected for a year???

Please help

Guru Guru

Numbers shouldn't be the problem but special characters can be:


Without knowing what characters you've used nor what "most special characters" the new firmware accepts, all I can suggest is trying different ones until you hit a solution.


The only special character is the @ symbol but what baffles me is the fact that I have an existing Arlo q connected to that wifi acces point. With the same special character in the password. And I have updated my firmware on this new arlo. I read some were you can also connect with wps. I will try that next


For WPS:


Push sync button until camera blinks blue.

Push WPS on router/access point.

Wait until it has connected which I believe is indicated with steady light and chime.


Go to and add the camera as if you were clicking sync button and showing QR code, but jus step over those instructions and pretend you did.


Your camera should show up as available new system, given that the computer you used is connected to same router/access point using same wireless access as your camera.


I was forced to use the web interface and found that I had to manually add the 5 or the 24 to the end of the SSID.