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iOS App Update - why change the layout?

paddos Apprentice
Just more examples of Arlo's "take aways" in their new, improved app.

Micro phone clicks on with visual feedback on 2.5.5. Made it stupid hard on 2.6.0 by making you hold the icon with no visual feedback. Snapshot on 2.5.5 also had better feedback.

Just unbelievable that any half way capable engr function could make so many stupid decisions and then have the nerve to call it new and improved.
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trclemen Initiate

Please change back iPhone app to include battery status/percentage, wifi signal strength and mode.

Really do not like the latest update.  Previous version was good, 2.6.0 is a step backward.

Upr11s Guide
Amazon are issuing me a full refund, because of this product now being non functional as a security camera.
More people need to return their Arlo products for full refunds as the product no longer fulfills its own description and purpose. Arlos customer service team are not even attempting to do their jobs, shows what they think of us, the customer.. so I for one will take my £1000 and give it to a company that does what it says.
Familyof5 Initiate
The new update is absolute crap!! Only even leaving this in hopes that with the amount of people doing the same that the developers will actually read and listen!! Issues include but not limited to:
1- where did my battery status at first glance go?
2- oh, I have 10 new recordings, click them, watch them if need be, go back to main screen and now gone.
3- am I even connected to WiFi anymore,?! oh wait let me click the actual camera itself and check for signal to waste time cause there isn’t no more first glance
4- what?! No recordings showing for 3 days- that can’t be right, camera must have died since I can no longer see battery life at first glance- click actual camera and waste more’s not dead, just completely screwed up
5- click live video, some sort of error appears, force close and try again, another error, force close and try again. Oh it worked this time- but after when I needed it too.
Among other issues, this new update is completely crap, I haven’t even read not one single review, post, or whatever that had any positivity- and I read a lot, like an hours worth!!!! I plan to leave a comment or post everywhere I can!!
skynet11 Star

As of 10/25/18, all cameras and App working fine with various browsers. eg. Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Google Crome. All Icons are now showing camera status as well as LIVE feed function.

Not sure if the previous issues related to the ARLO App update has been resolved for all users, but thought I'd mention something positive regarding the latest issues and concerns personally experienced.

Hopefully there are others who have also had full service restored and will comment to there personal findings respectively,  so that ARLO staff and other clients may respond accordingly.


Best regards,

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Remington44 Guide

I agree, I liked being able to quickly see which cams were getting low so I could make a plan to charge them when they were not critically needed.

alfalfa Tutor

I cant believe that the new release of Arlo for PCs dated Oct 19 2018 didn't include a fix for library viewing using MS Edge and Windows 10.  This has been a problem since the Aug 2018 Arlo software update. Knock Knock, is anybody home at Arlo? Does anybody care ar Arlo? I don't think so.

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Prowl Star


You need to actually take on board what people are saying here... It's really not good.  I have 6x5 sets of Arlos in mine house and offices/warehouse.

If you have any actual clout with the Developers you need to pass this information on.   I've had these for 7 months and have been VERY happy with them - and have stopped 2 attempted robberies at my warehouse.   This "update" had rendered them harder to use than before and is producing a lot of issue as is clear from this HUUUUGE thread. 

Or it's really simple. They are all being returned as faulty.  I had to do the same with the BT whole Home WiFI mesh as a single firmware update resulted in me sending 8 sets of 3 wifi units back... and as I understand it they had over 14,000 sets returned because it took them 7 months to fix the issues. 

aa1113 Tutor

That is great news that Amazon is refunding you the money.  Get something that has a better app and they back up the consumers.   

ScotchRocket Initiate

I just logged on to post this very same request.  The 2 biggest reason I open the app (other than looking at the video) is to check the status of the battery.   How can you all remove that from the main screen?  There is plenty of white space under every camera to add a battery level icon.  Please bring it back.


And on your web site as well.   Battery level/status is gone from that location as well.

Loripimental Initiate
I’ve seen some posts about the new 2.6.0 app update and wanted to share the issues I’m experiencing that I haven’t seen listed in other posts yet.

Background: I use the Arlo Q camera as a dog camera to monitor my puppy while I’m at work.

1) When I use the microphone to speak through the camera, it cancels out sound/volume in the live feed afterwards and I have to reset the camera to get sound back so I can hear if my dog is still barking.

2) Activating the microphone takes much longer than it did previously. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the new activation process, but I’m basically holding down the mic icon indefinitely and there’s no reassurance that I’m actually in the process of activating the microphone. I liked the way it was in the previous version where a green circle appeared around the microphone when it was connected and ready to use.

3) The notifications are all coming through as “motion is detected” - none are labeled as detecting audio, but when I replay the recordings, my dog is barking and howling the top of his lungs.

4) I liked how in the previous version of the app, there was a badge notification in the library that showed how many un-watched video recordings there are that you haven’t seen yet. My newly updated app doesn’t show a badge for those unseen videos in the library anymore. So I feel like I’m missing things and could potentially open the app and view the live feed to a destroyed couch (that’s my biggest fear with the puppy) because I don’t know to check the library for un-watched clips.

5) I hate the forced phone rotation when you press the full screen option if looking at a live feed of the camera. I’ll rotate the phone myself if I want to.
D_Hoque Star

I have got a refund too from my retailer.


Thanks Netgear for your perfect track record of screwing things up your silence says it all how much you care about your consumers.


The final straw for me is that you have still not resolved your sheduling issue during midnight (I have done factory reset and new shedules) and sadly for me my car was stolen few weeks back from my drive and what do you know it was after midnight when shedule didnt work properly, thankfully no force entry was made to the home and family member where harmed.  Thanks to having a tracker on the car I was able to locate and retrive vehicle with the help of the police with no damage.


Wish everyone else good luck in exhanging/refund!

TanukiYellow Initiate

I wanted to express my dissatisfaction with the new layout as well.  I preferred to see all my devices on one page rather than having to scroll.  It gave me an instant view if anything was out of the ordinary.  Hopefully, if enough people express their views, Arlo will change.

pcuser12345 Apprentice
push notifications doest work very well randomly take up to 5 minutes receive notifications after camera trigger
rzrron05 Star

I like the looks of the new Iphone App and it is definately pleasing to the eye but, can you please put the battery indicator back where it was in the previous version. It was nice to have a quick glance at the battery letting me know when I have to plan on charging.  PLEASE BRING BACK THE BATTERY INDICATOR!!!




Montecazino7 Initiate

Also,.....100% agree that this update is a downgrade. I am frustrated that I cannot see the battery life, motion sensor and videos tagged in all my cameras in the main screen. It was perfectly set up before including a bug that keeps showing up-- Orange ICON with dashes on the left nside keeps apearing at the lower right bottom opf the video and staying ON for a long time causing the recording system to remain in the OFF position(Not Recording)

Please FIX this problem!

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Montecazino7 Initiate

100% agree that this update is a downgrade. I am frustrated that I cannot see the battery life, motion sensor and videos tagged in all my cameras in the main screen. It was perfectly set up before

wakevortex Apprentice

So here we are nearly a WEEK after the disastrous "upgrade" and not a WORD  from Netgear..

Can someone tell me WHY a company would have an official forum which they ignore?

Also as an aside, all very well getting money back for your cameras from amazon, but Its not just a financial investment for many of us ..its a TIME investment and TRUST investment ..

I use smartrthings , IFTTT ,Webcore etc  etc  , and changing horse now to a different system would be a  VERY time consuming process..

I have no idea how this works in the  US but right now in Europe this product is NOT fit for a security camera system that due to an  "upgrade " is now broken and THAT could land them in BIG trouble  IF it was proven that due to their lack of care  (an update which broke the system ) and somebody suffered  a loss as a result........?  Im not a lawyer  , BUT  food for thought.....

dspeers Initiate

The new UI is not as good as it was before.  On an iPad it looks even worse - the old UI allowed you to view all the cameras at once - now each camera image is full screen so you have to scroll to see things.   That and the loss of the status indicators is extremely annoying.

Peppercorn_1 Initiate

I agree.  At the very least… bring back the battery meter.

pc2k17 Hero

**** Tech savy users only ****

**** Proceed at your own risk ****


For anyone who doesn't like the new app..........


iOS users......... search Bing or Google for "download IPA install files for iPhone"

You'll find a bunch of info on how to find older apps and how to install them outside of the apple store, no jailbreak required.


Android........... search Bing or Google for "apk mirror".

JPC Prodigy



For iOS, it's usually associated by an account, if someone just uploaded .ipa with their account in it then it's not possible for anyone to just install unless if you know the person and nice enough to share... Also, I believe there's a limit of 4 installation per account so that's that..  

pc2k17 Hero

I didn't install the new app......... too many issues, but........ as of last night (didn't check today) Edge still does not work correctly. You can't view library recordings (with out a work around) and now a new bug introduced where you can't edit a Mode with Edge.


Plus the half dozen or so bugs that wern't addressed. IMHO, this update was more about selling there new products, not fixing bugs.

Lemondog7 Apprentice
Not one on Pro or Pro 2 that I have seen. About the failed update. Please also make your views known on Facebook.
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skynet11 Star

I have to agree with your conclusions regarding the release of the newest App version. Further, you are correct regarding review of previously recorded videos from the library using the Edge Browser. Definitely Browser sensitive to say the least is the new App.  I'm using V 2.6.0 of the App, but I believe an even newer version 2.6.1 is out there.   I think that I'm on the latest F/W version of ARLO PRO, Version