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camera view field not picking up movements/charging issues with solar panels

We fell in love with Arlo due to its wirefree and hassle free options and we started using several devices accross the baord.  We then started to encounter problems such as significant portions of the camera view field not picking up movements (it appears to only trigger when something passes direcvtly in the center of the viewing field but not at the top part of the viewing area), several arlo cameras activating when entering the app without any movements and now charging issues with solar panels.  First the panel charged and gave a 20-30% boost but the minute the sun sets the charge of the battery drops to its orginial charge...its basically not charging! Now the camera tells us that we should use a compatible charger.  Its an original arlo/netgear solar panel so not a thrid party product.  Not the end of the world and I'm sure Arlo can address it BUT it is near to impossible to contact Arlo!  It appears Arlo has done everything possible for customers not to contact them directly.  There are NO email addresses anywhere to be found on their websites and even the so called live chat just wont work (I tried with Iphones, Ipad and Mac!).  

Please can the Arlo team contact us directly or post contact details inc emails address so that we and others can contact you.  Thank you.   

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Re: How can I contact Arlo?!

There are no email addresses for you to contact. Your choices are chat (if it ever works) or phone. It's a "push" from you, not a "pull" from Arlo. The forum here is the only other way to get support which is reasonably successful.


SOmetimes resetting the whole system and starting fresh helps tons and resolves weird problems. Note your settings and modes/rules/schedule. Remove everything from Settings, My Devices. Claim the base and sync your cameras.


For the panels, the usual issue is that moisture has gotten into a connection. Removing the cable on both ends (since you don't know which end has the problem) and letting things dry out completely should help. Reinsert the cable, taking pains to ensure a full and complete insertion on both ends which can be a pain.

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Re: How can I contact Arlo?!

Not sure what you infer by "Push from me" and not "pull from Arlo"?!  Do you work for Arlo?!  I almost feel insulted as we’ve been pushing like crazy trying to get our system to operate properly but also to contact Arlo! We’ve waisted hours and it surely shouldn’t be like this! I don’t think we can “push” anymore than what we’re already doing! 

We have no issue with the forum and yes it is very informative but it doesn’t address our issues which range from camera issues, solar panels, etc. We’ve been desperately trying to contact Arlo as ONLY THEY can address these issues directly but all our attempts failed.  And YES we have restarted the system, updated to the latest software, disconnected charging cables, etc etc etc etc.  The amount of time we’ve waisted already is ridiculous!  Before leaving a negative review we we’d like to give the Arlo team one last chance to assist us…I’m sure they reading their forums as well! 
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Re: How can I contact Arlo?!

Slow down, bucko. No, I have never worked for Arlo or Netgear. This is a user forum, not tech support. Arlo isn't going to contact you (pull from Arlo) - you have to contact them (push). If you're unwilling to do that, this forum is the place to try but we have limited capabilities, especially if you don't provide exact details. You can tell us all you want that you've tried everything but we have no idea what "everything" is.


Feel free to start with the basics, giving full details.

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