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arlo pro, not picking up 2 robberies

since I've installed the cameras, i've had my car broken into twice.

why don't my cameras pickup constant movement.

I bought them for a reason and so far they suck

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Re: arlo pro, not picking up 2 robberies



What is the environment like where the cameras are set up? How far away from the camera is the motion you're trying to capture? A screenshot from the cameras perspective might help us better understand what the issue is.



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Re: arlo pro, not picking up 2 robberies

@tmullaney since the May upgrade ( really bad downgrade) motion detection is very hit and miss. I have 5 camera's and they have been in the same positions since January.  My camera's were working and detecting motion at 95% until the May upgrade since then the motion detection SUCKS! We have employee's come to our house and pick up a work vehicle,  my camera's would pick them up coming and getting the vehicle after May it no longer picks them up getting in and driving away so anyone can come and take a vehicle and I won't have any footage camera's are now set to 100%. I have set recording times and camera's are triggering other camera's so I catch anything, after May my set times stopped recording correctly so now instead of recording for 74 secs they record for 10 - 20 secs and still miss what's happening. I have had a case with support since June regarding this and nothing has happened except my case disappeared after one of Arlo's updates in fact all my cases disappeared! This system no loner works as advertised and cannot be trusted to protect your property. Since 30th Sept I get notifications of movement BUT IT DOESN'T RECORD! I am away and this started after I left, I now have to restart the base station at least once a day and as I'm traveling in the outback service is intermittent so I get notifications once I'm in service only to find there are no recordings so I have to restart base before leaving the area. When I get home if there is anything missing I won't be able to see who took it CAUSE THESE AREN'T WORKING AS ADVERTISED!!

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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