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Why is the battery level jumping down?

I have solar panel. This morning the battery was 90% at 9am, and I checked at 11am, the battery went up to 99%. And 11:45am the battery went down to 91%. The temperature is around 40F.
Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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brh Master

Re: Why is the battery level jumping down?

It may be taking awhile for the solar panel and/or camera to warm up, even though the outside temperature is higher than 32 degrees F. If you go into the app and go to the device view, is the battery icon showing a red icon, or a black lightning icon. The red icon means that the battery is not charging, and the black lightning icon means that it is charging.

Also look at the lights on the base unit. All three lights should be green. If connection is lost between the base and the cameras, they will continually try to establish contact and the battery will discharge quickly.

Can you see Live View video on the cameras?



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