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Hi All.


Hope everyone is keeping safe and well.

Since the early hours of yesterday morning (25th April) UK time all of my Arlo Pro cameras have been suffering from extreme pixelation in both live view and motion detection recordings. The location of the cameras and base station have not changed for months.


The base station is VMB4000r3 on firmware

The four cameras are version H8


The pixelated video is also present on local USB storage suggesting a local issue.


I have checked WiFi strength using an analyser and all is good. All cameras have three bars in the Arlo app.


One of the cameras is within ten feet of the base station with no obstructions and is suffering the same.


I have noticed that a camera firmware update was issued in the last few days. Are there any known problems that could have caused such a drastic change in system performance?

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My Arlo cameras have not worked for many months. I have error messages, pixilation and half my cameras will not work. After calling many times and getting the runaround and one time I was being scammed by someone in customer service wanting my credit card information. I was told my case would be escalated...I do not believe that for a minute. Now I read this was a firmware update issue. Arlo needs to stop updating firmware and causing problems. 

Unfortunately I have talked a lot of people into purchasing these cameras, I will not do that after this issue.

Shame on you Arlo, fix this problem!


My Arlo Q used to have excellent footage capabilities.
Now it's so fuzzy that faces can't be made out, where it used to be clear on the day and at night.
I invested a lot of money with these cameras. I pay a monthly fee and they're effectively useless!!!
I've had creeps entering the property at night of late filming my property and the footage is so pixelated and busted that you can't see any face or attributes other than skinny person in dark clothing!!!
And that's someone starting under lights 3 metres from my camera, and heading towards the camera at a usual walking pace.

I pay for 1080p footage every month. The quality of the footage is disgraceful and I'll be making a formal complaint with Consumer Affairs in my state in Australia.
It's not free, I pay for this service and it's unacceptable this company seems to want to push people to buy their latest rubbish by making the perfectly good previous items, redundant due to their intended poor quality service/ uploads etc.

Plants that are literally 2.5 metres away are so fuzzy when zoomed in slightly that there's no way of ascertaining what it is you're actually looking at!!!

This company is such rubbish.
I've had so many problems with them over the years. Customer service didn't understand what i was saying when I called and finding someone who does understand past the basic information is not easy.
Calls are often 45+ minutes long.
It's insane.

Think it's time to look into a different company or set up.
Have spent thousands with these guys including camera costs.
It's simply not good enough.

Consumer Affairs will be able to tell me if it's legal or not. I doubt not providing the service being paid for is legal.

Fed up with it completely!!

It's been like this for about a year+
We had someone breaking into cars around January and although they were right outside my place the footage was abysmal.
As I've said, there was a time this footage was excellent.

I'm sure the camera is fine. My internet connection is excellent.
It's something Arlo is doing that's stopping my camera from recording cvr and motion detection clips as they used to.

The quality has been lowered drastically.

Poor form Arlo.
So angry I don't even know how to tell you all.
So angry.


The Arlo Q  you stated you have is an indoor cam. If you had it outside that may be part of your problem. If looking through a window something may be reflecting effecting it and distance will be reduced. 

The 1080 is free and 7 day recording as you say you pay monthly for 1080 unless you have smart subscription which you may. 

Can someone confirm that buying smart plan improves quality?

@Pe4ivko wrote:
Can someone confirm that buying smart plan improves quality?

It does not improve.


I have the smart plan and cameras not working-so, it doesn't matter!