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VMS4430 connection problems

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Dear Support Team,


Yesterday we activated our new arlo pro system (Arlo Pro Security System with inbuilt Alarm siren – 4 Rechargeable Wire-Free HD Cameras with 2 way Audio, Indoor/Outdoor and Night Vision - Works with Amazon Alexa- VMS4430)


It works however connection is lost very often. When I try to view live camera, it is trying to catch live but it takes time. When we wait it is lost again. 


We have also checked internet connection of out home, it is okey. We can even watch high definiton videos very well. 


Could you support us about this.



Oguz Kaya

brh Master


There are several factors at work here, so you will probably have to do some trial and error to solve your problem. 

One factor is the upload speed of your internet plan. The higher the number, the more reliable, the better your live view should work.

Another factor is the signal strength between your base station and the cameras. (You did not specify if the base station was losing connection or just the cameras). What are the signal strengths of your cameras showing in the app?

A third factor at play here is interferrence both inside your house and sometimes strong signals from your neighbors. To start, try moving the base around and try to locate it farther from your router.

The last thought I have is, (since you also did not specify what country you were in), is how reliable is the connection between your internet provider and the Arlo servers.