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VMS3430-100NAS Local Storage

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‎2018-07-12 08:49 AM
Re: VMS3430-100NAS Local Storage
Hello, i really need quick replies if possible pleasse, please. will an external usb hard drive (not a stick) record 24/7 coverage? If so, do you know what 24 hour record period uses in space? (gb) Can anytype of audio, movement, or 24 hour footage (if possible) then be transfered to a PC hard drive from the usb Hard drive for long term storage? im permanently disabled and cannot afford the 24/7 plans through arlo. so hopeing to record continually if possible.. if not then what will the usb hard drive allow me to do? connect it to a computer to view it/ play back or throuh a usb port on my television? I have an opportuity to buy a one or three camera pro system from HSN today but really need to understand full functionality of storage. Lastly, can i use the four battery charger with batteries for the pro system? HSN also sells a backup set of batteries with charger for $49.99 and the info states: Works with Arlo Wire-Free HD Security Cameras. Compatible with Arlo camera model VMC3030 and related Arlo systems. 3.7V RVR123A Li-ion rechargeable batteries. oh, one more thing, are the magnet mounts dependable and secure? Tahnk you , Thank you!. I appreciate all and any help everyone, thank you, Joe in Mesa, AZ

Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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All the videos recorded on the Arlo systems are stored in the cloud and without the 24/7 plan they will not record continuously - only for a couple of minutes when motion is detected. So the answer to the first part of your questions is no. The backup storage, either a USB external hard drive or a flash drive will save these recordings for future use if you do not download the videos on a regular basis. To view the videos on the storage devices, you must dismount the drives and insert them into a computer to view them. The videos are in an MP4 format.

The 3000 series of cameras, (the wire free HD cameras use 4 CR123 batteries, either lithium or rechargeable). The Pro series cameras, (4000 series), use a propriatary battery and it is totally different from the original Wire Free HD cameras.

As for the magnetic mounts, they are quite strong and secure, but it is quite easy to steal the cameras unless they are mounted quite high, although someone could knock the cameras off of the magnetic mounts with a long stick.

Hope that clears up some of the issues for you,