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VMB4000 RMA & Support help

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Has anyone had bad experiences with customer service since their departure from Netgear?  I had been experiencing issues with a camera so  I contacted customer service. I went through the entire process of uninstalling, resyncing, etc. and it didn't resolve the issue. I was then advised that they would replace that camera and I was given an RMA # and an RMA # was also sent via email. Upon opening the email with the RMA  # the # didn't work. So I called and was sent a new email with a new RMA #, there were 3 options to choose form. I chose the one that would allow them to send me a camera and I would send the problem one back to them. I paid for postage.  As of today 9/3/19, I have yet to receive the camera. So I called and was transferred to Tech wanted me to go through the process of uninstalling and reinstalling and syncing all over again. I explained I had done that he asked what type of internet I informed him.  I told him everything should be documented. He asked me where I had been?  I said what do you mean where have I been. He said you didn't call us. I said, of course, I called you where have you been I have case # and 2 RMA's and went through the RMA process and I'm just trying to figure out where the camera is. He continued to ask what option I chose on the RMA I explained there were 3 options and explained again. He said you are pending. He wanted me to verify my address again as to where the camera would be sent. I asked what does that mean.  He couldn't tell me the issue, in a rude manner. I said have been waiting for a camera in the mail I paid for postage now you are saying there is a problem. I  asked to speak with a manager and he refused. I asked again to speak with a manager he said a manager she cannot help you, I asked again can I please speak with a manager are you saying I can't speak with a manager and he said goodbye and hung up on me. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Here I am waiting for a camera that's not coming and no communication on their part if there was an issue and then to have this type of customer service from a company. I deal with the public daily and this is unacceptable an employee who represents a company and treats customers this way the business with eventually suffer. I have never had an issue with this company or Netgear before.  I or any who request to speak with a manager should have that option and be disconnected.