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User interface changes with the latest update to the mobile app

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Community Manager
Community Manager

11/21/2018 update:


iOS users: Please be sure to download the latest iOS Arlo mobile app release. Take a look here for information on this release: Arlo iOS App - 2.6.2 - 21st November 2018


Android users: Please be sure to download the latest Android Arlo mobile app release. Take a look here for information on this release: Arlo Android App - 2.6.3 - 21st November 2018


11/7/2018 update:


Hello Arlo Community,


Thank you for sharing your feedback on the recent interface changes for iOS and Android devices that we rolled out with the Arlo App v2.6.0 update. We want you to know that we heard your concerns and our team will work diligently to address them. Your input is instrumental to ensure that our teams are able to continually enhance and improve your Arlo experience through each new update.


Android users may already be aware that for the Arlo App v2.6.2 update the battery icon was reintroduced on the devices screen for each camera. We’re actively working on reinstating this feature for iOS devices.


Along with the changes to the battery icon placement, the Arlo App v2.6.0 update also included changes to several other status icons including signal strength, motion and audio indicators, quick filtering, etc. Our team is currently working to restore these icons to the main devices screen and we will provide an update when available.


We sincerely appreciate your candid feedback and look forward to continuing the conversation with our highly engaged community of Arlo users.


Thank you,


Arlo Development Team




Our intent with the app update is to streamline the user experience to allow users to focus more easily on the device list as our portfolio grows. The resulting design alerts users only when the battery is low – the battery icon will always appear on the home page when the battery is at 25% or less. A yellow icon will appear to represent 25% battery life, and if the battery falls lower than 25%, it will change to red. The same goes for a weak WiFi signal. However, for our wire-free cameras, the plug icon will always appear on the screen when the device is plugged in.


For more information on these changes, take a look here:


What enhancements are included in the Arlo app release version 2.6.0?


Arlo Development Team