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Unable to sync multiple Arlo Pro cameras to base [Potential solution]

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Just wanted to offer a solution after battling the issue for many hours...


I had an existing Arlo Pro system with one camera, and recently bought an additional three pack of cameras that included a base station (that I didn't need).  I was unable to sync any of the new cameras with my existing base station (slow flashing blue light on the camera until flashing orange light timeout).  After doing a full factory reset on the existing base station, I was unable to re-sync my existing camera either.  I tried plugging the new base station in with no success - unable to sync any camera with either base station. 


I worked with Arlo Tech Support to try multiple different resets with no luck.  Their only thought was to send a new camera to me (?).  Just as they were processing the shipment, one of the other tech support agents said there could be a conflict with the channel in which my router/dsl modem was broadcasting the wireless signal.  They had me change the wireless radio channel within my router settings from Auto to 1, 6, or 11.  I didn't have any luck.  However, this got me thinking...what if I were to completely unplug my router, and do an "offline sync" of one of the cameras to my base station?  It worked!


Good luck for those that experience this same mess of an issue.


I fired my router back up, went to the settings, and selected "Disable" for the wireless.  This allowed the Arlo base station to still talk to the router and me to sync all my cameras.  I then turned the wireless back on (through my router settings), set the Channel back to "Auto", and am good to go! 




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