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USB splitter options for solar + light + camera

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I have an Arlo solar panel which has been doing an excellent job for about 8 months keeping an Arlo Pro powered, so that I don't have to risk my life accessing that particular camera (high off the ground). I live in Seattle where the sun's position in the sky changes dramatically from winter to summer, and I've never changed the orienation of that panel, yet the battery on the camera is always 95+%. Due to swaying bamboo & such that camera throws warnings (and makes recordings) dozens of times per day so if any camera was due to drain fast it's that one.


A second solar panel is about to get put into service for a second camera which sees a lot less motion. But I would like to power my new Arlo floodlight and the camera off the same panel. Not two panels, just one panel powering two devices. USB splitters have been discussed in these forums, with a few cryptic warnings that splitters won't work but without any concrete explanations about why and if there might be workarounds.


Has anybody found a microUSB splitter that will allow a solar panel to power two Arlo devices?


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I don't think it's likely to be feasible. The panel puts out enough power to slowly charge one battery but two is likely to be too much.  If you can find that splitter, it may be worth trying but I wouldn't expect much luck.