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Turn off motion alerts!

need to turn off the motion alerts since my camera overlooks a sidewalk---HELP it is driving me crazy!!!! I will have to send these cameras back if this cannot occur.
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Re: Turn off motion alerts!

First, reposition the camera so the sidewalk isn't in the camera's view. Positioning is key - there are FAQs here on this.


Secondly, edit your modes to disable you rnotifications. Mode tab, select your base and edityour modes. All settings are in there. Better yet, create your own custom modes for full control. Again, there are FAQs here with full details.

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Re: Turn off motion alerts!



I have to give you credit. You have much more patience than I do.

I don't respond to many of these kinds of posts anymore because it's just not worth my time.

Just too many people throwing these cameras up in 5 minutes and then getting all dramatic about sending back because they can't get anything to work.

Common sense would tell me to actually read the directions.

I hope Netgear pays you something on the side for all your customer support. Smiley LOL

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Re: Turn off motion alerts!

As TomMac sez, we work for T-shirts. There are advantages but the basic answer is we spend too much time here. Good thing some of us are retired.

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