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It would seem that the announcement of the Arlo Pro leaves a lot regarding missing technical notions/specificiations. 


My main questions are:


  1. Will the system record to a USB drive without an internet connection (recently there was a massive hurricane in which outages were prominant... it's fairly important that something like this can work during a time like that).
  2. Will the system record to a properly formatted HDD, and what format would the HDD have to be in?
  3. Does the new base station offer any functionality not provided by the old base station other than the Siren feature? (such as maybe a HomeKit chip?)




  1. Are there any plans for a customer loyalty discount/upgrade program?


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I'll answer what I know,


1) the new usb  local record will work like the Q plus... Once set if internet goes out it will keep recording ( dual record to use drive and cloud).   It can be set to stop when filled or FIFO


2) unknown as to a hdd, but it formats to a fat32 I believe 


3) the siren of course and the local record are in the new base ( local record not in old base)... The new base will be sold separately so you can add these new features to the regular cams.



4) unknown but then Apple doesn't do discounts on new phones either 🙂

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Regarding #4, Apple offers a recycling trade in program, a leasing option with yearly upgrades, and almost every carrier (along with an entire echo system built around upgrades) offers some sort of 'deal' for upgrading ;). Just as a note.


Otherwise, thank you for responding on that. The biggest confirmation I wanted was regarding limitations/specifications and offline availability with the local recording feature and if it was available via the old base station (which it seems it's not). 

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When using the local storage feature on the Arlo Pro base station, if your internet connection is lost, recordings will then be stored locally. The local storage feature is only available on the Arlo Pro base station. For more information on this new feature, take a look here: How do I set up local storage backups on a USB device using my Arlo Pro base station?