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Reolink Argus vs Arlo Pro

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After evaulating all of the cameras on the market, I had decoded that the Arlo Pro was the best for my needs, particularly with the local storage option.


However, I have recently discovered the Reolink Argus and it looks so similar to the Arlo Pro - even the video of the camera in the snow looks similar.


Does anyone have any views on the Reolink Argus? Is it a rebranded Arlo Pro?

Guru jguerdat Guru

It really does kinda look like an Arlo Pro (that would take 123 batteries instead of a battery pack).  Extremely doubtful it's a repackaged Pro, though, especially due to the battery issue.


The only way to tell would be to try each, side-by-side.

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They even have a video of the camera in a snow storm like on the Arlo Pro page.

Guru TomMac Guru

Not only compare the cameras, but also if there is any additional costs per camera for usage.... important .


Arlo allows up to 5 cameras for free and 7 days of rolling storage

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Karllight Aspirant
With arlo pro, you can plug in the charging usb like you charging your smartphone. You dont have to climb the ladder and take out the cover and charge the battery when its low (yoi can if u want to but who bothers). I just connect my to the 20 ft usb purchased from amazon.

The argus--however, you have to take the battery cover off and take out the battery to charge. That means climbing ladder and doing this chore every month--dont bother!

One advantage of argus has over arlo is the night vision distance and clarity (1080). If either has the features of the other (like combing the two features mentioned above) would be a great outdoor camera!
georgebalanchin Tutor

I tried the Reolink and didn't like it. Along with Arlo Pro, even the first-generation Arlo is superior to the Reolink Argus.