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Recording on USB with WiFi available without internet access

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azeemanr Follower
Will Arlo Pro record videos on USB Drive attached to the base. The base & cameras are connected to a local wifi router through lan/wireless connection, the router is not connected to internet, there isn’t any internet after configuration
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Master steve_t Master

Yes it will but this isn't the intended use for the system. The USB drive facility is meant to be a backup so using it like this is at your own risk

Guru TomMac Guru

As mentioned, yes....but you can't give the base any commands or verify it is working or get alerts, etc


the USB backup was designed as a real backup in that the base must be properly functioning first then armed and the USB setup before the internet goes down...with the Internet down all should function but you'd be running in the dark if it is truly working

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Master steve_t Master

Yep. Can't change modes. Can't see recordings or live view. Can't receive notifications. Can't monitor battery levels. Can't do firmware updates.

Basically, the only thing you can do is remove the drive and plug it into the computer and see if it recorded anything.