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Is it possible to set the camera to record for certain time periods?

For instance, can I have the camera begin recording at 8 pm to 8 am?


And if the cameras pick up a motion during that time period, will I recieve an alert to my phone or tablet making me aware of said movement?


And how long do the batteries last before needing recharged? Is it possible to hardwire the cameras to a power source?

Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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1. Yes, check out the Mode tab, click on your base and check out the modes there. Create your own custom modes so you have complete control. When you create a new mode, only one camera is set up with a rule. Reedit the mode to add cameras. Once your modes are ready, use the schedule to operate them as desired. Only one mode at a time and no overlapping. To go past midnight, use 8 PM to 11:59 PM. Then also use 12:00 AM to 8 AM.

2. Notifications are set in the rules you just set up. Push notifications happen immediately while email notifications happen after the video has completed uploading. If you use push notifications be sure to not log out of the app since it needs to be running to notify you.

3. Battery life is almost exclusively a function of how many minutes total the camera records as well as how much live view you use. 5 minutes or less will give you specific life. Pro cameras can run off the power cord but you have to take various things into consideration. Search here for tons of information.

Just to clarify point #1 - You CANNOT set the cameras to record for a certain period (8pm to 8am) what you do is configure a Mode and then assign that to a Schedule for this period and the camera will record for X seconds (you can set this yourself) if any motion or sound is detected.

Currently the longest period/time you can record for on each motion/sound trigger is 120 seconds. After this period the camera will only record again when it is triggered by another motion or sound event.


With the new Pro Cameras as we now have the ability to hard wire the power in to them then we may see Netgear extend this time, we may even get the option to be able to record non-stop for much longer periods as you requested.


There are also several feature requests out there to enhance the functionality of the Pro Cameras (including continuous recording) especially as they can be permanently wired into a power supply but at the moment what you have requested is not possible, you are only able to record for a period of 120 seconds.

I ditched Arlo! As a Company they hold their Customers/Us in complete contempt! We beta test producs for them, the products only work properly for ~70% of the time at best!

If you are serious about your home or work security then look elsewhere! Get a ip Camera System with an NVR and some Blink XT cameras to cover the places you cannot run a cable to. You will NEVER regret moving away from Arlo!