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Arlo Pro base station is offline in a remote location

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Is anybody else having issues installing firmware from a remote location? Unfortunately, I am 1000 plus miles from home for an extended length of time and had reduced my Internet speed by requesting a vacation service interruption from my provider. So the cameras became useless. I contacted Netgear support and they helped me get the firmware updated, but now my base station is offline for some reason.  Does anyone know how I might get it back online without physically being at my house? Would having someone go over and reboot the base station (unplug/plug in) help? I know my Internet connection is working because my regular security system is still online and accessible. Thanks. 


If you cannot access it remotely then I cannot see any way to reboot it. I think the only option is for someone to do this manually. Hopefully a reboot will resolve the issue.


Going forward there are a few solutions out there (I use Z-Wave and Samsung Smartthings amongst others) that allow you to remotely turn a mains socket OFF/ON etc. This may be useful if you ever need to reboot something, well as long as it is not your router/gateway of course as you will not have a connection then anyway lol. If you do go down this route then just make sure that the socket or adapter you purchase has a return to ON or Memory State Function as should you have a power outage then you want the socket to return to an ON state rather than OFF.

I ditched Arlo! As a Company they hold their Customers/Us in complete contempt! We beta test producs for them, the products only work properly for ~70% of the time at best!

If you are serious about your home or work security then look elsewhere! Get a ip Camera System with an NVR and some Blink XT cameras to cover the places you cannot run a cable to. You will NEVER regret moving away from Arlo!