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Re: Power cord.

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Steviecs204 Follower
I have the arlo pro. I need the flat power cable to charge my cameras but cannot find a replacement anywhere. My wife threw it away thinking it was an extra. It's the power cord to the netgear power supply. Most USB cords I have do not fit? Of course
Guru TomMac Guru

They are avalable... the usb cable is a micro usb like used with samsung/LG/etc.

It's the adapter for the wall that is dual voltage for the charging curcuit  ( 5 and 9v )

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Tizzo13 Tutor
I'm looking for this cord too.. I'm having a hard time finding just the cord. As the op mentioned, none of my other micro USB will fit- the rubber around the end is to large... if anyone knows where to find it, please post a link... I'll keep looking too...
Drake3287 Luminary

The cables in lengths up to 15' can easily be bought on Amazon. If you get a cable that has a plug to large to fit into the camera, simply use a single edge razor blade to cut away a little of the plastic in order for it to fit. Easy fix!

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