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Power cable

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Does the 4 camera Arlo Pro pack come with 4 power cables and adapters (one for each camera)? If not how can one order extra power cables?

And how long is this cable?

Netgear is not very explicit about this issue although they advertise that one can choose whether to use battery power or AC power connection...

Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera

My 2 pack only came with one cable and adapter I think.


You can use any Micro USB cable to power/charge the cameras. Length may have an impact but on it once you start to go over 3 to 5 meters.


If you intend to locate any outside then Netgear are going to be releasing some outdoor cables which should seal nicely to the camera to prevent water getting to the connector.


EDIT: If you purchase single cameras then each one comes with a cable and charger.

I ditched Arlo! As a Company they hold their Customers/Us in complete contempt! We beta test producs for them, the products only work properly for ~70% of the time at best!

If you are serious about your home or work security then look elsewhere! Get a ip Camera System with an NVR and some Blink XT cameras to cover the places you cannot run a cable to. You will NEVER regret moving away from Arlo!

My 4pack only came with 1 charger.  If you purchase an additional battery, it will come with another charger.  If you purchase another camera seperately, it will also come with a charger.  Be careful using third party chargers, the chargers that come with the camera are a high output charger designed to charge these batteries.  I'm sure you can use another one,but I'd verify the specs match your current charger else you risk damaging the battery, camera, or both.  (Obviously of which is not covered under warranty because you wouldn't be using an authorized netgear charger).  These cameras charge very quickly due to these chargers.