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Re: Past owner of (used) Arlo cameras was able to see my feed?

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Arcm85 Aspirant

I bought used Arlo Pro cameras and a Arlo Pro 2 from my buddies neighbor. He had recently upgraded his 2 arlo pros to pro 2s and bought 1 to many.anyway long story short, when he signed in the next day he was able to see my feed!!!!he removed the cams instantly and informed me what had happened. My question is. Was this a glitch or can you really view people’s feed if they didn’t remove the cam from their account? The first Arlo Pro I bought was from eBay and worried it’s connected to the sellers base station still. Pleas any info would be appreciated.thanks in advance

Guru jguerdat Guru

Any used devices should be removed from the original owner's account before installing on yours.

Arcm85 Aspirant

Yes correct I agree. But is it possible if they did not remove the camera from their account they can view the live feed? I’m asking this because the Arlo Pro iv had for a year was bought off eBay used.i may need to buy new if that’s the case. Thanks in advance

Guru jguerdat Guru

I don't know for sure but, based on other posts here, I suspect your fears are well-founded.

Boostland Guide

Just tried to do this by adding a camera that is connected to a base on my account to a base connected to my wifes account.

with my base off camera was showing offline hers was online and working when I turned on my base both accounts showed camera offline.

After a while on her account the camera came back online for a while but went offline after a while my account continues to show camera offline even after turning off her base and power cycling the camera.


Given the behaviour I have seen I doubt that someone is able to view your feed on their account