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Re: Offline and recharge battery issues

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Problem we are having is a few weeks ago the camaras said offline. We unpluged,

took app off and started all over but they still said offline for weeks. Now they are saying

replace batteries, they are rechargable. We ordered a new battery. It worked while at the

base but when we took it outside where we had it,  said offline again. This morning

it says replace batteries again. This unit is only about 6 month. Any advice would be appreciated.




What I believe is happening is that when you get out of range with the cameras, they keep trying to resync with each other until the batteries run down. Take the cameras back to the base, put in a freshly recharged set of batteries. Once they are working slowly move them further and further away from the base constantly monitoring the signal strength. Once the signal goes to one bar, I wouldn't take it much further. You might have to position your base unit closer to the cameras or purchase a range extender. While rechargeable batteries can save you some money in the long run, bear in mind that they don't last as long as the regular batteries and you will have to replace them more often.



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Is it the Pro with rechargeable battery or is it the Arlo HD with CR123A batteries?

Either way, if the problem is only recent, it could be that your wifi is interfering with the signal between the camera and the base station. I would try moving your Arlo base station a few feet further away from your router and see if the camera still drops offline. Unfortunately, when the camera drops offline, it uses a LOT of energy trying to find the base again. This will normally discharge a full battery within a few days