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Notifications on Arlo Pro, IFTTT

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Does anyone know how to create meaningful notifications using Arlo and IFTTT (or any other approach), even if your phone is on silent?

When I go to bed, I keep my android phone on silent or do not disturb (as most people do) so i'm not woken up by spam calls / text messages / whatever. The only thing that can interrupt is a phone alarm or a call from a priority caller.


I want to be able to get a loud, persistent alert if motion is in Arlo - no matter what mode the phone is in. In the US, it looks like there's an IFTTT option to receive a voice call if arlo motion is triggered - which would do the job if you could make that number a priority (or favourite) caller. Unfortunately, i'm not US based. Open to ideas on how it can be done?

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Android or iPhone?


On Android.... in Settings, Notifications, Arlo --- you can turn on the "Do Not Disturb Custom Exception" option. Then in the Do Not Disturb setting, chnage allow exceptions to custom and setup as you like. Will that work for you?


Or, more than likely, SmartThings will be able to do what you need. I get all kinds on notifications from SmartThings. If you want to get into home automation (smart lights, locks, plugs, appliances, etc) then take a look at Samsung SmartThings.