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False Contact Information on Google when searching for Arlo Customer Support

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So i am having a issue with my batteries on my Arlo Pro  (they only last 2 days)  I go to the Arlo web site to find a phone number to call, but can not find it.  I then google search and find a phone number.  This number is to a hacker!  (see picture)  Of course I did not know they were hackers until they started to access my router.   I reported it to google so they can take it down, but google told me that if Arlo did not make it so difficult for their customers to find a phone number then the hackers would not be targeting Arlo!!

BDD498BE-53D1-409E-AD1B-7ED2B86C590C.pngad in google

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If you click on the banner at the bottom of each page that says Contact Support and keep going through a couple of pages you will eventually find a drop down box that lists the phone numbers for each country that Arlo does business in. Hope that helps.



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It's actually quite simple to find the phone number. Scroll down and click on Contact Support. On the next page, scroll down and click Contact Support. Phone number are down at the bottom of the page. Just 3 clicks to find the phone number for the country you live in.


Also, this foum has lots of posts on the battery drain issue. It's a known issue, there is nothing you can do to fix it. A fix was pushed out a few months ago, but it did not work for some. Replacements bases, new cameras, or new batteries won't fix it. The firmware needs to be updated to fix anyone that still has this issue and only Arlo can do that. Currently they are investigating why the fix did not fix some people.