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Notification Sound

I can't change my notification sound to silent. Every time I change it, it goes right back to my original notification ringtone. Does this happen to anyone else and how can I change my notification sound?
Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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Re: Notification Sound

If you are using Android 8, do it through your phone. The sound is disabled in the app for some reason. 




The ability to do this appeared on the phone when the last Arlo app update occurred, which also seemed to defeat the app ability to actually change sounds and notification light preferences.

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Re: Notification Sound

Be aware that this seems to be a customization on certain phones regardless of the OS version. Neither of my devices on 8 or 9 offer this - it appears to be a Samsung thing but I'm not sure (it isn't there on my Samsung Tab S3 with OS version 8).

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Re: Notification Sound

@jguerdat :


It never was there on mine (Samsung S8+, AT&T) until the new Arlo app version. There was no new software update for my phone when this happened, only when Google Play Store updated Arlo. I distinctly remember when I got Arlo going for the first time I went to the phone app settings to set up sounds and finding there was no way to do this (it did not exist at all), then finding it in the Arlo app.

On this last update of the app, I noticed my sound had changed back to default for some reason, tried to change it through the app and it failed. Then just for yuks, I checked the app setting through the phone and voila, there it was for the first time, and it worked when the app didn't. I have no clue if this is the case with only select phones (and / or specific carriers for certain phones), running Android 8, but it defintely happened with me. Updated Arlo app is still broken in places and buggy in others however. It also likes to randomly log me out, just to keep things interesting I surmise.

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Re: Notification Sound

Latest app, latest OS update. Image attached here.

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Re: Notification Sound

@jguerdat Normally, when I see a toggle such as you are showing in your pic, I think the slot is only for turning on or off. But in my case, that notification slot with the toggle can be used in two ways. Either toggle notifications off and on by specifically moving the button, or going to next level by tapping the slot.Thats why in the sequence I wrote "notifications>notifications". I have attached the next screen when I bump notification (not toggle on or off). This works at least with my S8+.

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Re: Notification Sound

@jguerdat Then hitting Sounds ...

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Re: Notification Sound

Gotcha - that was the key. It appeared to me that it was simply an on/off switch, not something to be accessed for further configuration. I now see what you're seeing/saying on both Android 8 (Samsung Tab S3) and 9 (Pixel 3 XL). Good catch and that's for leading me through this.

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