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Not Receiving Some Notifications For 3 weeks

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FarmGirls Aspirant

I continue to have problems receiving push notifications or any type of notification on my Samsung Note 9. Cameras record (sometimes delayed) and I receive email alerts but cameras have not been helpful notifying me that someone is in my driveway or at my front door. The problem started about 3 weeks ago. When the system works I love it and sing Arlos praises to people. As of lately with the lack of notification with someone at my home I would not recommend Arlo system. I see people at my door with no notification or delayed notification. Tech support as been most helpful. I have uninstalled my base system, app, restarted my phone a number of times, restarted router, moved cables and power cords, turn my phone wi-fi off and on, taken batteries out and sync cameras, updated my phone and Arlo app, checked settings in my phone ( sleep mode, push notificatons, sound)  and still have been having issues with no notificaton or delayed recordings. 


Anything else I can check?



Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
ShayneS Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Are the cameras & base station up to date on the latest firmware? Have you tried to remove the cameras from Settings > My Devices > Re-add

adocorp Apprentice
Call Arlo and ask them to Escalate your issue. One time, after an Arlo outage a few weeks ago, they had to send me a new base station because the firmware would not update and went into a loop. AGAIN, THIS WAS BECASUE OF THEIR OUTAGE. I don't think arlo has a QA team to test their product. These arlo we have are not something i would recommend to anyone. My notifications still would stop working for hours and I would have to call support. This was two days ago because of their outage on May 25.... they had to sync something in their backend to resolve my issue. Call support and escalate
FarmGirls Aspirant

I have removed the cameras and the base station. Also restarted modem and computer.  Does firmware update with restart?

FarmGirls Aspirant

Thank you for the advise.  I continue to have long lag or no notificatons.  My Pro had been working great untill the 'outage'. I will contact Arlo

You have been most helpful.  Thank you