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New app equals NO alerts and NO recording - worthless

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So I deleted the old app.  I updated to the new app.


My camera's do not record - it says they're recording but nothing is in the library

My alert does not notify of any movement - so what good is a security system that doesn't actual alert you when there's motion or record the motion?


This is unacceptable.  I've waited over a week for you to resolve the problem because I see others reporting the same problem.  Come on Arlo!  Fix the bugs and get our products working like they are supposed to.

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera

This is working like Double notifications, recordings showing up later or not at all, slow, recordings won’t play even if they do show up or a long delay. Just full of bugs...more disappointment that will continue forever.


I haven't received a single notification or recording since downloading well over a week ago.  


I have known triggers of the camera but zero notifications.  This is completely unacceptable. My cameras are doing NOTHING for security at this moment and Arlo has left me completely vulnerable

Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

What Device/Phone/Model/OS are you using? 


Which version of the Arlo mobile app are you using?


Also,  What troubleshooting steps have you tried so far? I do not want to suggest anything you may have previously performed.


Arlo mobile app version 2.9.1 downloaded 09/19/19

I've checked and there are no firmware updates available for any of the cameras or base stations


I was using apple 12.4.1 but last night updated to current 

apple ios 13.1.2


Before posting this originally I had turned on every camera manually and recorded.  It said it was recording, but nothing saved to the history.  Every time someone  made a delivery or triggered the camera, it did not come on and record nor did it alert me or have a history of recording.


So this morning I restarted the hub.  I then removed one of the cameras and reinstalled to see if it would fix it. 

This is what I have now:

3 cameras:

One turns on, triggers motion, and records live.  works as it should

Two (including the one I disconnected and reconnected) will trigger and alert motion now and record that motion. They just will not let me push play to watch live. When I push play it spins for a second or so saying "connecting" then stops spinning and goes back to main screen with play "triangle" but no live view.  I can't even get the camera I disconnected to show me where it is recording for the test mode while trying to place it in the proper position.


My 2nd base station used to have 3 cameras connected but for some reason with the update, Arlo took away my paid subscription, only allowing me to have 5 showing.  Those two cameras are functioning as they should now.  I'll have to reactivate my subscription to test the 3rd on that base station.