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Near impossible to talk to someone at customer support

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Google "amazon phone number".  See what happens.  Google "Ring phone number"  Wow same results.  You get a phone number and you call that number and they answer in one to two minutes.  A live person.  Go figure!  Now google "Arlo phone number"  Zilch. Zero. Nada.


I've spent hours trying to find a way to talk to someone live.  Their 'Chat' feature.  Worthless.  A computer generated chat with drop down options.  That's the weakest customer support you can get.  Website? No phone numbers on their website.  Well almost.  Buried deep in the footer is For Business.  That page has a phone number to Arlo's Channel Manager. Nice man but could not answer technical questions.  Arlo is frustrated that he keeps getting calls.  Said he would notify tech support with my email.  Worked because I got a auto-generated email telling me I'm not allowed to talk to a live person and please don't reply to this email.  At the bottom was a button "Update Case".  Yeah!  Hit the button "Case Closed"  Shucks!


Ok email support, right?  We all know how difficult it is working via emails.  The more complex your situation the more painful back and forth emails.  Takes days.  If I write everything out, they won't read it.  Too long. My technical issue requires a live person.   I'll explain my issue in another post.


You would think they would have a phone number for sales.  Let's say you want to buy a ton of cameras and doorbells for your large house.  Would be nice to call someone about that order.  In the old days, they would jump to talk you to pull in a sale.  I guess it is just too costly to talk to us.


QUESTION:  Does anybody know an Arlo phone number where a live person answers, like Ring does, that I can call?



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A subscription is needed to talk to support. Sign up for one (a single camera sub is sufficient) to get the phone number. Unsubscribe when finished.


Or tell us your issues here.


Removed app on iphone but can't download new app, only get "open" even though the app is gone. Can't contact Arlo, so switching to Ring


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Community Manager



What happens if you tap open? Does the app store allow the app to download?