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My Arlo Pro Wire-Free camera goes constantly offline

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Andrejar Follower

My camera goes offline without reason, to turn it back on I have to take out the battery and put it back in and that usually does the trick. Nevertheless, despite that it sounds like quite a simple solution it implies that I have to be next to the camera to make sure it is on (which makes the camera useless if I have to be there to keep it on, doesn't it?)


Any ideas what might be happening? how to solve it? 


To make matters a bit more complex, I live outside the US so getting the camera back for warranty is not such an easy task. 


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Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
Master steve_t Master

Warranty is the one reason I'm getting cameras here instead of from the US. It's awful that it costs so much more to do so but I think it's quite important to have retail support. If your camera is faulty, I'm picking you'll need to return it, at your own cost, to where you bought it from.


Maybe try removing the camera from the account and then re-adding it. Try having the camera in the same room as the base station and see if it still drops offline. This will ensure it's not due to interference over the distance between the camera and the base station

Guru TomMac Guru

Take the "troubled" camera and swap it with another to see if the issue follows the camera ( or is it location , ie interference ,etc )


If the issue stays with that camera, then contact Netgear Support.

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