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My arlo pro battery will not charge and the camera keeps disconnecting. It remains at 2-3 percent, even after charging for 5+ hours with the correct charger. I have removed the battery, turned off the camera, put the battery back in, and plugged the cord in, and nothing. It will temporarily blink blue, flash once orange, then stops blinking. Does not show the camera as charging in the app either. App/camera updated prior to posting this.

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Agreed, bought 2 new solar charging panels and found 1 was faulty.

Bought this in Adelaide, (250km away) had to send the panel back (18$ just to send it.. feel ripped when you get free delivery from China lol)

Tried pulling the battery out, put back in, reset the camera, I believe its a fault with the cords as the second panel works fine, but when you swap the cords it fails on the panel that was working, I tried connecting all cameras and fails to charge.

Take what ever doesn't work back to the place you bought it and swap it over, once you've tried everything under the sun, swap this or chop and change.......