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More and more failures as system ages

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I'm almost two years into a three-camera pro system plus two Arlo Q. Batteries are still fine, hold a charge long enough to be useful. However, what used to be an occasional malfunction has become frequent, at least twice a week. Happens to both wired and wireless cameras.

Failures include:

1) Still active and I can watch live but no longer recording video (I never change the mode). Restart fixes. I only notice this when I check on clips and notice nothing has been recorded for 2 days.

2) Not being online, sometimes just one or two cameras sometimes all three wireless. Restart usually fixes but more than once I've needed to resync a camera. This is happening almost every day.

3) Video being recorded but useless. The stored clip will start to play but cut out or skip ahead 15 seconds.

I'm pretty tired of the constant restarting to make this thing work. I would just think it's a junk product but it's been more or less functional of nearly 2 years. Is this age related?


You want to know why? Its because the Arlo techs wont leave nothing alone. I went many months and never had a problem. Like ive said before they try and fix one problem and create 2 more. I have a problem once in awhile where 1 camera will drop off line and sometimes all 8 and all I have to do is restart the app and they come back. They have a nice product if the tech or programers knew what there doing. What I have noticed picture video quality has dropped.

Cameras offline every day
Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator



I have a few questions for you all, this will help isolate the issue(s) you are experiencing


-What firmware is your base station running?

-What firmware are your cameras running?

-Which Camera/Model are you experiencing the issue with?

-Does the camera appear offline on the web browser & Arlo App?

-What Phone/Device/Model/OS Version are you using?