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Missing Notification When Arlo Pro Loses Connection & Connection Issue.

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ArloRetina Initiate

First just a brief summary of my set up:


I've been using my Arlo Pro for 1 year now. Last winter both Arlo Pro were on battery supply.  No issues during the winter.  Since the spring, I decided to have a direct power supply with cable (no battery) to my front property Arlo since there is a lot of traffic in and out during the day and didn't want to charge the battery every 2 months or so.  My second Arlo Pro at the back of property still runs on battery since it's on a post away from property.  Since the winter, my front Arlo seems to loss connection ever so often.  Not sure if it's happening because of the colder temperatures; never has this issue through the spring and summer.  Ironically, my back arlo which is still on battery and much farther from the base station hasn't lost connection once.  I dealt with my front alro by putting it on an internet connected plug so I can reset the power on the front Arlo which reconnects it to the base station.




1) Why am I losing connection now?  What is the possible solution?  I figured probably using the battery inconjunction to the direct power may solve this issue but I want to no have to use the battery and save it to swap out with my back arlo when needs recharging.


2) Although my solution with the internet connected power to reset alro works, I don't receive notification telling me that the arlo has disconnected.  So difficult to know to reset unless I check the app ever so often.  Any way of getting a notification when arlo camera loses connection?


Thanks in advance.

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
ShayneS Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Have you tried to Swap the locations of the cameras to see if the problem follows the camera?