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Mandatory Two-Step Authentication (Verification) a Bad Idea


ChrisKay (Follower)


2020-03-07 10:51 PM


I do not accept this as a solution. IT IS THE WHOLE PROBLEM

If you wish to shut down a topic for discussion please do not use trumped up solutions.

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You can no longer disable the 2FA feature.

You would need to look for another brand of security camera that does support disabling of the 2FA feature.
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@4chows wrote:

I do NOT see a DISABLE function on my phone. WHY??

I DO NOT WANT the stupid 2-step verification. Can someone tell me how to disable this?

You can trust that phone once you log in.  Use the "add trusted device" control that is described in the first section here:


This goes on and on with no answer other than fin a different system My next will be Lorex


I tried to login today. I received the screen for two way authentication setup. While I am not a fan of two way authentication,  I tried several times to comply and set this up and I just keep getting the same "Internal App Error has occurred" message. Both on the mobile app and the web site. I tried with all the methods (push, SMS, and email) and I get the same error for all. So the cameras are useless at this point. I've spent way too much time on it already. I think I will be investing in a different company. 


TRUE! One of my biggest issues is that once I add my PC Browser as a TRUSTED DEVICE.. every three of four days I have to re-add it as a TRUSTED DEVICE.


Once I add it as a TRUSTED DEVICE I should not have to run to the bedroom to get my phone off the charger to access my Arlo Cameras, while bad guys are stealing my Catalytic Converter. THEY CAN BE DONE WITH THE CRIME, BEFORE I CAN ACCESS THE ALRO CAMERAS. 


Poor system and even worse Customer Service. When you finally do get someone, they are a biological robot reading scripts with no idea how to actually solve the problem if it is not on their script.



Arlo requires 2 step verification because it wants to constantly update your personal information.  The benefits of 2 step is primarily for their financial gain and secondarily for your security.  Otherwise, Arlo would let the customer decide if they want the additional security.  Take the time to read Arlo privacy policy.  They sell your personal information to out of country buyers and then Arlo states that they do not know these out of country buyers' privacy policies or what they do with your personal information.  Keep in mind that Arlo is a very deceptive company.  You don't like not having the choice of opting out of Arlo 2 step verification, then step out of Arlo and get a more customer friendly product.


Whoever the moron is responsible for this 2-step verificationneeds to be fired immediately.  I don't care if it is the company president.....he needs to go NOW!!!   They care nothing about the customers and do not listen to the many many many posts asking that there be a way to op out of this farce of a security mode. WE DON'T CARE IF THE WHOLE WORLD LOOKS AT OUR CAMERAS...... BUT WE HAVE TO SEE THEM AT OUR MULTIPLE BUSINESSES WITHOUT THE SUPER HASSLE OF 2-STEP VERIFICATION BALONY!!!!  And put the magnets back on the rear of the Ultra's please.  Otherwise I don't see this company doing well in the long run and my confidence is wearing very thin.


Yep . . . been going on for a long time and they've chosen not to listen to their customers.


I got an alert, about 10 minutes ago, on our back yard camera. I happen to be home, and sitting on the computer, so I thought I'd look at the camera. Oops . .gotta get a code . . . sent to my phone . . . went downstairs to get my phone and the code -- I looked outside while I was there, of course -- and then went upstairs and put in the code so I code see, now almost two minutes later, that nothing was urgent.


This was the FOURTH TIME, in the past 5 days that i've had to enter a code . . . same account, same computer, same browser . . . didn't clear caches or anything.


To be honest, if I were a criminal and was looking to rob a house, I think I'd keep an eye out for Arlo cameras, knowing that I could kick a door in, grab stuff, and be gone, before anyone would get the alert.


SO stupid!


DITTO luvpt!!!

It's best to take it to Twitter, they are at least responsive there.

This is just a place for us suckers who had their system before this silly change to gripe.

NBN Network, Netgear D6300, Netgear D6300,  Netgear WMB 3000), LAN, AMD Ryzen 1950X, 3 x Versions of Linux Operating systems, Warp 4.0, IBM DOS etc. 42" AOC Display - ASUS 27" Display, 5 x mobile computers. NightHawk M1100 mobile router. (No mobile Phones).

The system is setup such that remote access is a time consuming system whereby the Multiple USB Keypass-es need to be entered separately & "in correct order" as to gain access.

There are issues with the program setup does not have a solution to turn off the frustrating 2FA (S--t house) program.

Please post a solution for the program that (Allows) one to TURN-OFF the 2FA!!!

Such a failure for security which remains the prerogative of the end user, NOT NetGear!


Yes, it's been a problem since implementation (one year). Plenty of extensive threads on it here.

If you are new to Arlo- they don't care that their customers find this a burden and have insisted they will keep it in place.

If you are still in your return period of purchase, now's the time to make the return, or develop coping skills to deal with it, you'll need it.


I received 16 2-step verifications in the past 59 days, and it's a pain in the ass!  Even my bank lets me choose to use it or not, and what gives you the right to require it?!?!?!?


I got 2 yesterday, and 2 today, but the 2nd one timed out before I received it, so I needed a 3rd!!!!!  Both days I never logged off my laptop and haven't changed anything on my network as far as I can remember!  IT DOESN'T WORK PROPERLY!

   Here's the difference, I have 2-step with my bank, and I NEVER receive a 2-step verification from them unless I leave my home, because theirs works correctly!  Arol's 2-step is ridiculous, and clearly it DOESN'T WORK PROPERLY!!!!!


   Here's the thing, 3 of my 5 cameras are watching my chickens, one we use to watch the turkeys at the apple tree, and one is on the front porch... I DON'T NEED 2-step VERIFICATION!!!!!


   This is the annoying part, I get activity text notifications only on the front porch which I check on my laptop, but rather than get in quickly to see who's there, I have to screw around with this until I get the code, and then my guests are long gone! I've given up checking and have to run to the front door rather than trust that I'll get right in, because by the time my phone dings, at least a minute has passed. What a P.I.T.A.!!!!!!!!


   Give us the option so we can SHUT IT OFF!!!!!