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Live view doesn’t update screen

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Android (new) app does not refresh screen, long delay before image gets updated.
This problem used to be with older iOS apps, now is surfaced with Android.
Updated image can be forced by closing and re-opening app.

Same problem here.  When You view your cameras remotely with the Android app, it used to update the image with the last seen image with wording like 45 min ago or something.  Now it takes forever to update


Same thing when the camera triggers an alarm.  There is an Arlo push notification but the library does not refresh for hours and email notifications do not arrive for a long time and it is very unreliable.


Too many people bought this thing , it became popular fast, and now they need to move the databases to cheaper servers/locations that provide substandard service?   Hope not.  Arlo wouldn't do that, would they now?   They are definitely not a greedy company now, are they?


I noticed this also, but it not only happens on the Android App, but also the Web interface.  It doesn't happen every time, but now and then.   I also received my first Ad when opening a live stream on the Web interface.   It wants to sell me Arlo Smart plan.  They can't seem to find the time to fix the problem with using Flash on the web interface, but they have time to sell me all of these new enhancements that as I read here, a bunch of the smart features don't work.  LOL





I have five Arlo 2 cameras. It used to be that whenever I click "Live" for a live view of any camera and ended the live view, the image on the preview window would update to the last frame shown before I ended the Live view. It's no longer doing that. Now it just displays the old frame prior to me clicking the live view with an updated time in the left bottom corner (xx Minutes ago). This issue started no more than a few weeks ago.


This is happening with all 5 cameras regardless of where I click the live view button, computer or my phones (Android and iPhone).
The preview window will only update to the last frame of a live view if I reopen the app and browser.

However, this doesn't happen when the camera detects something and records on its own. The preview image is updated to the last frame in a few seconds after it stops recording.

My phones are up to date and has the new Arlo application installed.
I have tried it on Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Opera. All of the mentioned browsers are up to date, flash is allowed, and they all have the same issue. I have restarted the base unit and the issue persists.

Phone is Samsung Galaxy 7 with Android version 8 and iPhone 6 plus with the latest update.
Arlo app version 2.92_25930
My camera firmware version -
My Base firmware version -


I'd appreciate any assistance or advice.