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Re: Is there an improvement in Arlo Pro VS Arlo in the recording delay?

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Could those who have used both, the Arlo & Arlo Pro, please tell me if the “Pro” is better/quicker to catch movement hence starting the “video recording” sooner than Arlo cameras? 


It could be my placement but I only get video of person leaving my front door, if anything.


Yet when exiting my front door, it’s spot on?

Any help appreciated.


Master Master

The Pro is HUGELY faster in recording. My Arlo HD cameras would often only catch someone walking away from the door. Arlo Pro and Pro 2 catch them walking towards the door


I agree too.. Arlo Pro is faster and better performance

Guru Guru

Post a screenshot for positioning suggestions.


Also, if you power a Pro 2 from a wall outlet, it will start the recording three seconds prior to the motion detection event.  It actually records all the time (like a Nest cam) and declares the start of the recording as being prior to the motion event.


Thank you all for your replies.


The Arlo Pro has been purchased from eBay for $85. Luckily, I only have 4 of the original Arlo cameras so I can still add one. The pro will go on the front door and I’ll use delayed cameras elsewhere. 

IMHO the regular Arlo cameras are only good for “action mode” recordings that are triggered by an initial camera’s detection. Its works OK set-up this way, although I go through charged batteries 3 times faster having each camera triggered by another...