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Is Arlo SmartHub compatible with Arlo Pro? Can't seem to search any cameras.

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Hi, I had an arlo pro 1 set up with two cameras and the base station all working fine. I recently bought an additional camera, an arlo pro 3 and when I installed it, the app said it recommended I upgraded my base station to the latest smart hub for full functionality. I purchased the new hub and installed it easily. I was surprised that I could not switch my cameras across to the new base station and had to remove them all including the existing base station. I did this and then tried to add my cameras to my newly installed smart hub. Literally none of my cameras would sync with it! Took all my cameras down in case it was a signal issue and placed right next to the hub with blue lights flashing on all. Not a single camera would sync. Tried 5 times, tried a reset, tried uninstalling the smart hub and reinstalling. Could not find a single camera. So decided to reinstall the old base station and found all 3 cameras easily. So I’m stuck with returning my new hub. Any ideas why the smart hub couldn’t find any cameras? Is it actually compatible with arlo pro 1? It says it is! Anyone had the same experience or any advice for changing base station? I’m not even sure why I was recommended to upgrade as the pro 3 camera seems fine on the old base ironically.

Model: VMB5000 | Arlo Ultra SmartHub
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I've got a variety of camera vintages connected to multiple bases and hubs. It's not a compatibility issue but maybe one with the new hub itself. I would swap at the store since you seem to have exhausted the troubleshooting possibilities.