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Re: Ios Client fine, Web access showing "offline" constantly

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Psaras Apprentice

Ok my Ios client seems fine (one camera issue I will discuss in another post).


But with web win 10  at will start up ok and within a minute  or two will show all cameras and base off-line. I then have to close web client to get it back, and hten it goes out again.


On other symption perhaps related, when I attempt to take still pic from web client I get message of: "timezone_error". No problem taking still with ios client

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Psaras Apprentice

OK more data, the problem appears to be microsoft edge. Problem not occuring on Chrome!

Guru jguerdat Guru

Edge is not a supported browser. As you found, some things may have problems.

RobertRosal Virtuoso

That problem is apparent and needs to be fixed!  Also fine with Android client.


I hate having to log off and log back on, when using a browser.  Waiting will work also, but this is a flaw, NetGear needs to fix.

Guru jguerdat Guru

Actually, what is needed is to use a supported browser.  There are mobile devices not supported, too, but Netgear isn't going to do so because someone is using them.  


What would be a better fix is to use HTML5 instead of Flash.  Whether that would solve the Edge problem, I have no idea.