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How to protect cameras from thieves in carport?

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Hello, I’m thinking about getting some Arlo cameras. My dilemma is, the area I want the cameras is an open car port, easily accessible. Any would be thieves could easily walk in and steal the cameras off the wall where I’ll need them to be located. Are there any protective acrylic bubbles or housings of some kind that would make the Arlo more vandal/theft protected? I’ve read the acrylic bubbles can interfere with the motion and night vision. Thanks for any input!

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Sensei michaelkenward Sensei

The screw thread on Arlo cameras is industry standard. Same as for all photographic kit.


You could use any housing you like so long as it has the same thread and, if you want permanent power, access for cables.

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And, yes, a bubble will cause the motion detection to not work and there would be glare from reflection of the night vision IR LEDs. A threaded mount is your best solution without getting creative.