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How many make use of alarm feature

How many set their Arlo Pro, inside camera to alarm if movement inside is deteched? The Amazon Echo is a great tool to arm/ disarm alarm by voice as i will be trying this idea
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Re: How many make use of alarm feature

I do not use the alarm on the base because I have a full externally monitored alarm system on my house. I use SimpliSafe.

Remember cameras alone, while they provide a level of security, can't cover all entry points or areas of your house or outside your house. Unless you have 20 cameras there will always be blind spots. A full house alarm system monitoring all windows, doors, and using motion sensors and glass break sensors inside, working in conjunction with the cameras will provide much better security than cameras alone.
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Re: How many make use of alarm feature

Sure at a big cost. But using arlo pro in the room where your electronic valuables and armed alarm would be fine as all my values are in my sitting room so go in there the alarm goes off.

If they want can bypass any alarm system and no alarm will stop the determind robber.

Still the arlo pro with alarm set to go off is better than nothing.

Reading everything the best alarm in the world is very cheap a dog inside is accually better than any alarm.

Also leaving the radio on when your out is a good idea also.
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Re: How many make use of alarm feature

Not a big cost for simplisafe. In fact, some of the available systems cost less than the alro camera packs. And if you don't want external monitoring there is NO monthly fee. If you want external monitoring that will call police and fire the plans start at $10 per month. Hardly a big cost for the extra layer of security and piece of mind. Cameras do nothing if there's a fire and your not home, an alarm system does.
Plus not to mention in your scenario, if I'm a burglar I break in your house, go into the living room, the cameras get me, but I'm wearing a mask so my face isn't recorded, then the base alarm goes off. I grab as much stuff as I can quickly and run out. Since there is no monitoring only you know that the alarm went off and most likely you don't get home in a few minutes to catch the bad guy, or it takes too long to call the police yourself, or you're busy and didn't even notice the notification on your phone that the base alarm went off. That's not a good scenario.

And yes it's true a professional can bypass alarm system if they are determined enough, but the harder you make it the more likely they are to move on and try a less secure house.

My setup sets off the alarm and notifies the monitoring company if a door is opened, window is opened, if a window is smashed, or if there is motion inside the house. It's all wireless so no wires to cut or disable and smashing the base or the keypad sends an instant signal to the monitoring company. It's extremely hard to get past all that, plus the 4 cameras that I do have inside.

I guess it's how safe do you want to be and that is a "to each his own" type situation.
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Re: How many make use of alarm feature

And by the time the company gets the alert and get around there they are well gone.

A dog is accually from what i read better than any alarm. If i want the best protection would just get a dog. And yes to each their own. Still got it so why not make use of compaines and to be with one maybe cheap in the USA but much more than your $10 a month here.

I got my arlo pro to compliment my ring door bell and see who comes up the path before i see them at the front door and works, so though what the hell why not put another inside to use the alarm feature.

A dog will prevent any breakin if you want the best and the way i want to set my arlo up is better than nothing, and no monthly fees.

If i want real security would have gone the best secure way that all burglers have said the best deterine better than any alram is a dog inside the house.
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Re: How many make use of alarm feature

Still i do what my perants used to. Leave the radio on so can be heard. That is also a good deteriant from what i read. Gives the impression someone is home.

Anyway its not about who has the best or boasting who has the better security system it a thread about who uses the alarm for inside movement in their house.
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Re: How many make use of alarm feature

My security company calls me within 15 seconds, and then they call the police. Police are notified within 30-45 seconds. But your missing the point. An alarm system stops or deters the burglar before they enter the home. Your setup they are already in your home. For me, if they kick in the door, open a window, or break a window, the alarm goes off, and the burglar runs. More likely than not they won't enter the home after the alarm goes off to try and grab stuff, they simply run. If they are already in, they grab stuff on the way out since they are already in the house.

A dog, that's nonsense. First of all a dog is going to cost more in food and vet bills in a year than an alarm system. Not to mention a good kick to the dogs head and they run, or pepper spray and they run, or a big stick cracked on their head and their down. A dog is not fool proof.

I never said don't use the alarm, nor did I say that cameras for security are useless, they are better than nothing, but an alarm system plus cameras is better than cameras alone or a dog.


And BTW - I use smartthings so my lights and some of my electronics are automated and turn on and off by themselves, which is a deterrant. Radio on helps as well.

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Re: How many make use of alarm feature

Plus, I forgot to mention. If anyone has cats (or a dog), like I do, and has interior cameras, using the base alarm is not an option because with the interior cameras armed when I'm away the cats set off the cameras all the time, which would set off the base alarm all the time. My alarm system motion sensors do not pick up anything under 40-50 pounds so the cats can move around the house and not set the alarm off. The cameras do not have that type of feature and you probably wouldn't want that for cameras anyway. So when your away and the cameras are armed, with pets the base alarm can't really be used, unless the pets are kept in rooms where there are no cameras.

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