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Re: How can I mount my camera outside and not have it stolen

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How can I mount my camera outside and not have it stolen

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I don't think that one can completely prevent camera theft but you can make it more difficult for them thus making them decide if it worth their time or not. You will probably need some sort of enclosure that is difficult to remove. There are several custom answers in the Idea Exchange that people have done including pictures of my solution.



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I have bought a clear acrylic case with a top lid, attached two lockable door hinges on both sides of the top lid, mounted the Arlo camera inside, and bolted the whole case to the wall.  The lockable door to the enclosure has two locks (one on the right side, and the other on the left side), and the lid is locked at all times.


Further, the enclosure/camera is mounted in a location that requires a ladder to reach, so, thieves cannot just reach, and try to steal the enclosure/camera set up.  Hope it works.....


Acrylic enclosure costs around $ 6.00 ea, lockable hinges and lock combination costs around $ 12.00,  special cement glue to attached a lockable hinge to the top lid costs $ 6.00,  and misc. screws, lock washers, etc. costs around $ 3.00.   Total cost of this kit was  ~ $ 27.00.  I  am satisfied with this solution that I put together.   My Acrylic clear enclosure is sized  appx.  5.5" x 5,5" x 7".   

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