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How can I disable all alerts from one camera attached to an Arlo Pro base station?

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I have a Pro base with four cameras. Three are watching doors, and I want them to send notifications.  One is watching a bridge over a creek so I can see when the bridge is not passable before I drive for two hours to discover it in person.  


I never want this camera to send alerts.  At least not until it is smart enough to recognise a flooded bridge.  


I tried to to edit the Camera in the Armed mode but it is not possible to remove all notifications.  If I unset both Motion is Detected and Audio is Detected, the Save action is disabled.  Is OK, because I can select Do Nothing.


Problem is that Do Nothing doesn't do nothing.  It always wants to send a notification or an email. Disabling both Push Notifications and Emails disables the save action.  So I cannot save a state that actually does nothing.  The best I can do is disable Push Notifications, and accept the emails.


Ever time a kangaroo goes past the camera (twice while I have been typing this) I still get a push notification - for the email.  And don't get me started about the wombats!  (What are they good for?  Playing wom!)


there red is no way to remove the camera from the role, and no way to stop the camera from talking.




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That sounds odd.

When I go into mode and select any of the cameras, the moment I check or uncheck either the push or send button the save option turns green.


I am doing this using the web gui what app are you using?

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It may be that the fastest way to correct this is to reset the base and start fresh.  Another possibility is to create your own custom mode so you have complete control.

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If you're telling the rule not to record motion or audio and not to send push notifications or email notifications, this essentially is the same as there being no rule at all for that camera. This cannot be done within the default "Armed" mode.


As suggested above, create a new custom mode including rules for the cameras you wish to Arm and do not include any rules for cameras you want to remain idle.




Thank you all for your help.


I am using the iPad app.


JamesC, you are delivering the news I dread.  After years of technical work with SAP, you would think I could work anything out, but the create-a-new-mode dialog has me completely foxed.  I will search out some documentation that explains the mystery steps.


I presume there is a good reason why a camera cannot be made completely passive in an existing mode, but it would be nice to be able to temporarily disable all notifications for one camera without having to build a new mode that includes just the other three.  


I will I'll have another shot at creating a new mode.



Well, that wasn't that hard.  My brain ground to a halt when I hit the "On which device do you want to record" question.  I was interpreting that as "where do won want to save the recording".  I now realise this is the manifestation of the very nice capability of one camera detecting motion and a second camera taking the pictures.


It is currently uploading the second node.  Seems to take a long time.  May be hung.