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Help! Anyway that I could get notified if/when someone tries to plug the system up?

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I recently went out of town n had the 4 camera wireless set up w an extra camera but didn't have it hooked up bcuz I already had one system in use n also I didn't know that they ran on batteries well me n my ex weren't really on good terms so I went to a buddies house to let things die down except that it didn't die down because she took this set up n the other one I was using n did who knows what with them... The only time I ever messed w this set up was once n it was only one camera but I did download the app on my phone by mistake lol so I guess my question is, is there anyway that I could get notified if/when someone tries to plug the system up??

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A lot depends on how the system was set up. There can only be one owner of the account although others can use the system if they have been granted access. So, lets say that you originally set up the system using your email address and credentials and you shared the account with your ex, you could deny access therefore your ex would not be able to use the system. More than likely you would not get a notification if your ex tried to set the system up.

The inverse is also true, if the account holder is your ex and you were granted access rights, you can be removed and thus never know that the system is up and running.

The third scenario is that if you are the main account holder and you did not remove your ex's access rights, you would be notified every time the cameras detected movement and should be able to see the videos and possibly be able to figure out where the cameras are.



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PS... the base would not be release from the Primary account holder so some one else can't use it in a new account

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