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Arlo Pro Battery ( Model A-1) not Working

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bradprice2045 Follower

I have an Arlo Pro camera.  I bought a second battery for it but that battery will not work in it.  I have a dual charger, I charge the original battery and the new battery.  When I install the new battery the camera will not sync no mater what.  I get a double flashing amber light.  As soon as i instal the original battery the camera syncs.  Both batteries are charged but the new one model A-1 seems to cause issues with the camera sync.  Any ideas?

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
brh Master


Sounds like a defective battery. Do you have other cameras that you can try this battery in? Have you tried to return/exchange the battery to see if a different battery corrects your problem? The slow amber blinking light is saying that the battery is not fully charging and is too low to work. The other thing I can think of is that the tolerences of this battery are slightly off thus not allowing it to make full contact with the pins in the camera. Double check the pins inside the camera that they are not pushed down. Some people have had to use a piece of cardboard to act as a shim to put more downward pressure on the battery to make a proper connection. If possible, try to exchange the battery and see if a new one solves the problem. You could also try contacting Customer Support.