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Geofence & Custom Mode

Hello ... just purchased an Arlo Pro 2 - 6 camera set. Trying to tie the Geofence option into a custom mode setting / Scedule Calendar... but can’t seem to do (doesn’t look possible).

My schedule is pretty firm Monday to Friday and I have the Setting set to “Schedule” tied to Custom Modes set for the weekdays... (that’s all good)... But on the weekends I’d like to utilize the Geofence options with slightly different customizations...

It would be great IF when I’m inputing a setting into the “Schedule Calendar” it would let me select “Geofence” on the drop-down as opposed to just armed, disarmed, or custom, but it does not.

I could presumably just toggle from “Schedule” to “Geofence” on the weekends... which doesn’t seem onerous, but as this is a long term issue hoping to find an automated solution.

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