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Firmware update has apparently taken cameras offline

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Apparently a firmware updated is causing cameras to go offline, three of mine are.  Customer support says to "rest assured the engineers will notify you when its resolved."  I dont know about anybody else, but I haven't invested several thousand dollars in a security camera system that can just randomly take cameras off line, and suggests it is acceptable to just wait for some unknown time period for them to possible start working.  This damn well better be solved ASAP and is well worth pursuing as a class action law suit.  You can only guess how I filled out my customer survey at the completion of my customer service support chat.

Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Can you provide which of your cameras are showing offline. Have you attempted any troubleshooting steps, if so can you provide the steps that you have tried. I have also provided a link with some steps to troubleshoot the behaivor you are seeing.


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