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mechevarria Tutor

The post is not intended to flame, but to give feedback for Arlo to improve.  I am no longer an Arlo customer, I purchased the Arlo Pro Smart Security System with 3 Cameras (AVM4000C), but ended up returning the kit.  That said, I am open to being an Arlo customer in the future but there are a few things that need to change.


Support.  Unfortunately after I setup my system I noticed a dark spot on one of my Arlo pro cameras.  It looked like the lens was dirty, but wiping did nothing.  Possibly some dirt/dust on the interior lens.  I contacted support, sent video and screenshots to the agent and was passed to tier 2 support with an expected call back within 24 hours.  The process broke down after that point since I had to call back multiple times through several days, resubmit the video and screenshots before finally receiving an RMA.

  • If support cannot meet the 24 hour callback in the Service Level Agreement, thats fine.  That SLA should be extended 48 hours or something that can be met.  Failing to meet those expectations is frustrating.
  • When transfering cases between tiers, case details and files should be kept.  I had to start over at each tier.  I luckily kept records of everything I submitted.  If a customer did not, that could be frustrating.
  • When issuing an RMA for a product that was determined to be defective on delivery, the customer should not be expected to ship the unit at their cost.  Please change this policy.
  • The support call scripts.  The support agent questions and troubleshooting seemed to be geared towards home networking products.  In other words, I was providing web browser details for a hardware defect on a camera.  The Arlo support scripts should be tailored to Arlo products, not generic Netgear products.

Software.  If I switched from my phone, to a web session, I had to re-login to each device as I could only be logged into one at a time.  This isn't a great user experience to be constantly re-logging in to each device.  Amazon Alexa integration, such as "Alexa, show front door".  This feature is not working consistently.  I understand that this is new, but support should try and get out ahead of the issue.

  • Create sticky threads dedicated to features like Alexa integration or IFTT.  Acknowledge the issues and provide updates to those sticky threads.  If workarounds exist, even if not perfect, please provide them.

Hardware.  Battery powered cameras are a great feature but battery performance needs to improve.  In one week, a camera I had with busy activity was already at less than 50% battery life.  Less busy cameras were still in the 90% range.  The base station is rather bulky and would prefer a smaller more discreet option.  I understand that an effective alarm could not be included, but it would be good to have another option.

  • Considering partnering with Google Home or Amazon Alexa to integrate base station functionality into those devices.

Again, I am open to trying out Arlo products in the future and hope things improve.

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Master steve_t Master

Good summary. I hope they take onboard the comments about support.


The single instance of being logged in is a security feature. When you log in on your phone, it is completely intentional for your web account to be logged out and vice versa. I don't think they're going to change this.

Not sure if Netgear are going to be aware when Alexa integration fails. Shouldn't that be in an Amazon community thread or status website?

Batteries are what they are. There will always be a trade off between size/capacity and length of operation. I'm just glad there are options for permanent power or the availability of the solar panel. High traffic areas will always need a powered solution unless there's some miracle battery tech that is developed.


Whatever anyone designs, it's never going to suit everybody's needs 100%. I'd be interested in hearing what camera solution you've decided to go with since you've returned your Arlo cameras. Certainly, it seems other smart home brands like Ring or Nest are also not without idiosyncrasies and limitations. Even looking at the Unifi G3 system finds a lot of unhappy punters

JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager



Thank you for the feedback. I will forward this topic to product management for review.



Dorothyg Aspirant
Totally disappointed in this camera. A complete waste of money. The camera does not capture all activity. The outside camera is focused on the car in the driveway and it doesn’t always capture the cars coming and going! What’s the point!? Today is a perfect example. One car left the driveway, another came in an hour later both cars were missed. (The battery is at 47%). The same thing happens with the camera in the house. I bought the cameras because I’ve had jewelry stolen from my home and my car vandalized in the driveway...nice suburban community! I certainly don’t feel comfortable or safe with this camera system. Definitely want my money back!
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Guru jguerdat Guru

Before getting so upset, perhaps reading some of the FAQs here on how to best set up the cameras as well as doing some searching in these forums would be useful. Improperly positioned cameras can't be made to work wonders.


Post some screenshots of what each camera sees for suggestions.

Dorothyg Aspirant

The camera is positioned correctly as can be seen from the pictures it does take.  There’s nothing to post since the camera did not film anything.  

Guru jguerdat Guru

Sure there's something to post - whatever is currently showing in the Devices tab or use live view and take a snapshot that can be downloaded and shared.

JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager



From your description, it sounds like range could be an issue. Arlo's motion sensor is much more sensitive to side-to-side movement across its field of view than to movement directly toward or away from the camera. The best area for motion detection is 5 feet to 20 feet (1.5 to 6 meters) from the camera position.


Take a look at this article for tips on positioning your cameras for best performance: How do I position my Arlo Wire-Free or Arlo Pro Wire-Free camera?


As jguerdat mentions above, a screenshot from the cameras point of view may help us understand the issue better.



pittpasc Aspirant


Regarding the Mobile application, it would be a good feature to choose wich camera I will receive notifications, especially when someone else share his camera with me, I don't want to receive all of his notifications. This parameter can be in the shared devices only.

Thanks for considering my feedback

Best regards

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